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good morning, i'm anne mako. i'm phil matier. i'm mark kelly. there s a lot to talk about in our ne hour good morning. it's 8:30. thanks for joining us. we have a lot to have talk about in our next hour. we'll be speaking with congressman -- congressman eric about a verity of issues. >> more then just a website. there are still more challenges. we'll talk to him about that gun control control ad. >> we'll take a look at san francisco exploding skyline. it's like something out of --
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gothem city. >> what effect will that have on the bay area. what other hotspots might be feeling. all across the country talking about a hike to the men -- minimum wage. phil has a interview with the couple of them. >> con severtive -- con con -- conservatives are weighting in on it. >> it's cool out there. right now we are in the 30s. 33 in san jose. we have a freeze warning in effect for another half hour.
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sunshine today. continued cooling temperatures. we have a slow warming trend coming into next week. >> freezing conditions around the pay area have taken a toll on a life. a person tide. 4 people tided from expose sure -- expose -- exposure over the weekend. there are 3 beds at the reception center in san jose. 85-year-old knewman -- newman arrived yesterday. he was detained for 6 weeks. in the early 1960 he advised
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gore relative -- gorillas. he appeared to be relieved. >> great home coming. i'm glad to be here with with my family. thanks for the support we have. >> he thanked the u.s. embassy for securing his release. this week libby signed up to challenge the mayor. >> st first question i asked her was what her plans are that she thinks she can do better? >>reporter: she had competition when libby signed up to run against her for the top job. >> i believe oakland can do
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better. >> they found only 5% of the voters were ready to vote for her again. >> i think it might be time for a change. >> he loves oakland but i believe we need something more in a mayor. >> the same poll found 70% thought crime was their biggest concern. >> okay landers dedrk -- oaklanders deserve to have the police come when they are called. >> i will be rolling out a come pain -- campaign flat form plait form at form at the beginning of the year.
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>>reporter: she released a statement. >> what will shake up this race is rank chose voting. that's a lot of reasons she was in office in the first place. >> it was a new type of voting. you get a pick of 3. the person with the least votes they get their second choice votes until you get something else. it's a roll of the dice. the more the marrier. >> it will be a very interesting race. >> there are 5 can -- candidates on the ballet. there might be more. national day of reflection was kicked off in honor of
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nelson mandela. >> i got a chance to sit down with the pastor. we know limb fairly well. williams was the first to greet him when he visited the bay area in 1990. >> when he stepped out you could tell he was above the visions. he was above any thing that occurred that would take away from being with people and making sure that people understood he was going to be different. >> the city of san francisco is planning it's own memorial. that's set for wednesday. >> starring tomorrow the mayors office will have a book the public can sign fl -- there. flags in the city have been
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ordered tofully half staff. >> the president will attend the memorial in africa. san fan -- san francisco's batkid returned. we'll show you how next. ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,
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again to grab a coat if you are heading out today. it's in the 30s. a little bit of haze in the sky. it will be generally sunny. your 9ers forecast the game at 1:25 it will be a chilly 48 degrees. this week supervice cor -- supervisors to talk about the shooting of lopez. the officer mistook a bb gun for a real gun.
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they approved lapel cameras for sheriff deputies. pie let awareness will be part of -- pie let awareness is next week. a hearing will start next week. investigators will discus emergecy response. 3 people died when the plane landed. the san francisco skyline is exploding. this animation shows the actual building. the buildings will hold 200,000 people. the building boom could put a
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train on transportation and push rent higher. >> what are the effects. what should we be getting ready for. we are joined by ezra. you have been around quite a few years. where else will we be seeing this kind of boom. >> the tech industry is expanding. we expect it in oakland and up and down the east and west bay. mostly in the 3 big cities. >> when we sit down over the last couple years we have these maps that show ideals ability put -- about putting more people in the urban end field. >> sometimes there are
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opportunity for housing when the finance -- finance bubble occurred. it's now very inexpensive. when we look at the sustain able growth -- sustainable growth pattern. >> people don't want to live closer to their jobs. if you give a family a choice between a condo or a house in brentwood they -- are they are going there. that's where the growth will be in the future. >> how much of the growth is driven by affordable housing. >> i wish there was more affordable housing in the pay area. when we get a big economic
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growth. >> when i go to these meetings where we talk about the future and planning. i hear things set aside for low income or affordable housing and high end come housing but the people in the middle don't qualify for the low income. >> that's why we need to have a big expassion of -- expense of multifamily housing. >> many iniad -- understand this is a problem and try try -- they try to make it occur. we lost aimagine -- a major source of a fordable fordable
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-- affordable housing. >> some of it will take care of itself. you can see the constitution taking constitution -- construction taking place. >> what will look different? >> the tech companies want to be in urban areas. when they go to -- into veer call -- vertical places. this will spill over into the other cities and we'll see a lot of demand for affordable housing and the jobs be spreading. >> will people continue to move out and drive in. >> they will fill up the capacity that's there. i don't believe there will be a
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lot of growth there. >> the roads seemed to be backed every day. >> the more pacted they get the slower the speed. over time it won't work well. >> in the middle of this i look at all of these plans. did any -- -- did any one say we'll have a water pro -- project. >> who will stop that. >> they rule the roost then. planners sit there and build what a tech company wants. >> it looks like it. we have to make the adjustments. >> this is a amazing thing. planning is a oxy -- oxymoron. >> we will con tine queue to
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build affordable housing. those plans will take flurry -- come true. let's take a look at our weekend weather. napa a chilly start 28 degrees. fair field 3 1. later onto day we can hope for 48 in san francisco. mountain view 67. later in the week looks like a warming trend. we'll be back in the 50s by midweek. wheel the freezing them -- them -- temps.
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today you can't use fireplaces. this makes for unhealthy pa -- polluted air. he's back. back kid. his usual swagger cam a -- came along with him. he lead the 5k walk. he came to raise money for her kids with cancer. >> if he can help anybody by dressing up and being batted kid -- batkid then that's what we want. >> he raised $5,000. the sell of batkid clothing raised more then $30,000.
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that day is silence what america need. >> the ad shows children in a classroom with the clock at 9:25 a.m. that's when the shooting occurred. the group is called guns -- moms against guns. >> we have these incidents. there is cause for gun control. there is resistance and people have their arguments against it. it's an argument against it. we move onto another issue then it comes back again. >> may be this will put it back on the table. >> we docked -- talked about it with the congressman. the president stood firm
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about raising the minimum wage. >> our business created 200,000 jobs in the month of november. we need to do every thing we can to help business create good wages. >> this week fast food workers walk-off the job to raise minimum wage to $15 ahour and secure the right to unionize. >> we sat down with former mayor wily brown who did a story on this. the idea of raising minimum wage is getting a lot of support. >> con receiver r d -- they are sup porting this. they can costing the government money.
8:53 am
they pay 700,000 a year. now they will have a ballad measure. >> they are doing it on a practical bases. there is no reason why deductibility of the cost of an employee -- from your tax return be the way you do it. they shouldn't give them a cap indication for food stamps. >> this won't work next year. it was raised in california. >> in california, yes. but the rest of the nation. even obama, the president has said it should be at least $10 over whatever measured period of time he's talking about. something will happen on this issue. now that they are making
8:54 am
themselves look respectable on the issue. >> i'm skeptic call -- skeptical about this. >> well, i think you are wrong. i believe that any time you become enviewed with the idea the nation will be the ones lining up. you will have google lining up. they will all be for raising their minimum wage. >> you can look at it a couple different ways. it could hurt small business. but with did people having extra money that would help us. >> one says one thing and one says another. >> right.
8:55 am
it will cost more but the question is how much more. the trade off is are you helping america workers whether wal-mart or mcdonalds. are we willing to pay for it. one way or the other we do pay for it. >> we'll speak with the congressman about that. electronic cigarettes are banned in certain places now. we'll be back. ,,
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welcome back to k-p-i-x 5 ts morning. the time is _ _ _. good morning, i'm phil mati. i'm anne makovec. a lot to k in the next half-hou welcome back. the time is 8:58. good morning. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. we had service disruption and know we have a fair increase coming up. >> that's been a rough ride for that group. congressman comes to talk about obama car -- care. will young people sign up. will they get the dollars they need to make the program work. plus minimum wage. >> nelson mandela. his impact on the bay area and
8:59 am
the bay areas impacted him. first. let's take a lookout side. if you are heading out you will need a coat again. the bay bridge. the skies are pretty clear and the temperatures are low. you can see in the 30s right now. it's which he -- capitol chilly and will stay that way. we'll warm up a little bit. we'll talk about it coming up in a few minutes. tomorrow the county corner will investigate a mans death. he may have died from expose expose d -- exposure.
9:00 am
he was detained for 6 weeks after a visit to the north. he advised during the war. yesterday he appeared relieved to be back in the u.s. >> great home coming. i'm tired but i'm happy to be here with my father and mother. -- thank you for the support. >> he thanked the embassies' that help his release. thousand of people will pay their final respect to actor paul walker. they estimate a crowd up to 5,000 people at the crash site. in a effort to ease traffic on
9:01 am
the street where the star was killed. bart has been having and causing trouble as well. >> all yearlong. on wednesday 700 passengers spent hours in a tunnel. 9 people were taken to the hospital. service was stopped. passengers was stranded at stations. how that happened is still under investigation. i spoke with bart spokesperson about this. >> it has been a horrible ride. no doubt absented it. -- about it. we had two strikes and there have been nonstop problems on the system. that's because of the age of our system. we are more then 40 years old.
9:02 am
we have a plan in place to replace the train cars. there are still billion of extra dollars besides that. >> events like wednesday is something we can expect more often. >> it won't go away until we reinvest in the system. bart has a good preventative maintenance program. >> we know that you are goings into litigation. >> that's just stalling the process. management wants to do that. hopefully we can get to do that. the good news is no one is talking strike. hopefully the passengers won't interfere with the lab boar strike. >> strike -- labor strike. >> are we really having issues. >> what is it like to be a
9:03 am
writer every day. when you interrupt some one routine. as long as we try to communicate and try to think of what it is like to be on the train every day. as long as we keep the passengers in mind we'll be okay. we'll make sure we keep eye on the prize. it has to be every day. that's how we get reliable pay trents -- customers. >> this fair increase will be a extra 19 cents on average. if that money will be dedicated it will go into a locked box. it's a special fund that has been created. it will help pay for the new cars, the new train control
9:04 am
system, and a knew -- new maintenance system. >> it will be more difficult for people to slel out -- shell out money. >> they will ask people for a bond must sure. >> they are also talking about rush hour pricing. they will increase fair during rush hour because it's getting over crowded. some station they may charge more to go to. bart will have a interesting time this year. >> we'll continue to follow it for you. sunday services for the late mandela. today is a national day of prayer for the president. >> june 1990 mandela visited the east bay. >> it was quite an event.
9:05 am
>> it was a big relationship between the bay area. we sat down with the former may of willie brown and talked about how california played a role. >> we are the most successful of all of the people interested in trying to get something going. the yawn verity of -- the yawn -- university of california kids tried to achieve the goal. with the board of regions. all of that was around the question of getting mandela out of jail. >> it was one of if first cities to go. the congressman lead the fight in washington.
9:06 am
how did you manage to get it through. fl was a lot of -- there was a lot of questions about getting the state in involved in this. >> she was my lead person and she was all ways looking for soom way -- someway to do some thring -- something about that issue. she did what you should do. you see a horse moving along and hitch a ride. >> she took their issue and stapled it to hers. >> she made the exchange and you had advocates who carried her water. >> one of the protest leaders at berkeley points out this was a win for progressives. sometimes they say they don't
9:07 am
have wins. this was a long time win for them. the president opponent posed it at first. >> he signed it. he also voted at the board. as a matter of fact he couldn't carry with him his import -- importance on the issue. he joined us. that would be interesting to go back and research. >> why? >> it showed how powerful the image of mandela had come. >> in the end what was the main point of resistance for the entire movement. >> all of the business having to do with investment. you are suppose to get the best
9:08 am
return you can. it was almost impossible to prove that you could get quality materials from other ocean -- organization and individuals and earn enough money. eventually that's capitalism. >> the city of san francisco is planning it's own memorial. that is set for wednesday. >> starting to morrow the mayors office will have a book the public can sign and flanges in -- flags in the city have been ordered tofully half staff. the crackdown on e cigarettes. we'll be back next.
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vallejo to honor a baby giro went missing earlier this y ebb disappeared fi today there is a code exchange to honor a baby girl that went missing early this year. web went missing 5 months a go today. they will be excement -- accepting coats.
9:12 am
it will happen at the ban church from 11-1. the water flowed downhill and flooded homes. east bay mud said it will help correct the damage. if you have looked into getting hement -- health care through california. they are giving the insurance company of consumers without their knowledge. the state provided names, addresses, phone numbers, and e- mail addresses. they did not ask to be contacted. the purpose so to make the process easier. we want to get a sense of were things stand for the affordable care act. this is launch going to work out.
9:13 am
will it be a liability. joining us know is congressman from the east bay. >> i can't fix the system with a broken promise. california assigned up more people then the federal exchange and other sites as well. that's encouraging news. if we request request -- we can get out of this website issue we'll be okay. >> one of the big issues is young people have the sign up and healthy people have to sign up. >> i know a thing or two about young people. they wait late to sign up. many that are young that's tracking the percentage of young people in california. i believe we may see a young person turn in the term paper
9:14 am
later. >> spooking -- speaking of young people minimum wage. the president wants it raise. what are the economics of that here in the bay area. >> we are seeing a economic recovery that's only going to the top. the 1% is getting the cane -- gains. >> i believe it's our job to make sure middle-class working america get a working wage. i'm supporting john millers to raise the federal wage. >> many of these are for part timers. for students. >> if you don't give a living wage to an individual. they can't get health care and can't proindividual for -- provide for their family. we end up paying any way.
9:15 am
it's inour interest they get a living wage and not rely on the state government. >> i want to move onto this ad we showed a while ago on the anniversary of the terrible school shooting in connecticut. you have seen the ad. >> this is a very difficult issue. i believe we need an assault ban. i tried to get other democrats to sign on. i saw how difficult. >> what about this ad. >> i believe it's a reminder of what having assault weapons and not doing background checks can do. almost 20 children were killed because of a assault weapon.
9:16 am
we oh -- owe it upon ourselves. it's time for us to act now. there is a gun culture in america. if you take away the assault weapon the next step is to take away the hunting shotgun. there are military-style weapons that don't belong on the street. if you want to hunt or protect your home that's fine just don't hurt others. >>reporter: a chilly start to the morning in some areas. later today we can hope for 47 in santa rough san -- santa rosa. e cigarettes are healthier
9:17 am
but many places are not buying e cigarettes. it's illegal to smoke at any public place. that didn't include the so- called e cigarettes. that delivers nicotine. >> e seg -- e cigarette smoke is still dangerous. >>reporter: they added e cigarettes to the smoking restriction. >> the ownersson -- owners son of a smoke shop said he was
9:18 am
able to stop smoking. >> i'm down to 0. all i am doing is getting the flavor. >> the manufactures said it's not fair to associate that with their problem. >> it's pharmaceutical grade nicotine. when those chemicals react to the heat it turns into water via pour -- vapor. >>reporter: he said he doesn't sell much toe -- tay tobacco any more. >> the -- scientist said there are detectable amounts of substances that get inside people.
9:19 am
that's enough for me. >> the ban gets another reading next month before it will take effect. have you every wanted to create a sound track for a moment in your life. we have the snip it act. you can snip 4 to 10 second of a song and match it with photos. >> you can be funny with the post or sent men -- ,,,,,,,, a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru.
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we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. all right time for sports. stanford had no problem with asu. they are in the championship.
9:22 am
they went to the rose bowl. 133 yards and 3 touch downs. the defense is just as good. on new years day they will play the spar tins -- spar -- spartons. just an all around big night for everyone in the big jeercies. -- jersey. i love talking about golf in the wintertime. tiger shot well. he leads johnson by two shots. palm her won in the shoot out. that national championship game will be decided as well
9:23 am
to. today's 9er game will have under cover fans. >> that's correct. extra san francisco police officers will be at this game because they will be wearing sea hawks jeercy -- jerseys. >> we need every fan in the seats cheering for our teams to beat the sea hawks and not getting arrest eds and in a police wagon because they punched some body. whether a real fan or police officer dress eds up as a fan. >> no fans will be allowed to hang out in the parking lot. >> that game starlet -- starts at 1:25. >> you have to hope everyone
9:24 am
remembers that. >> you get out there and there is a healthy number of people that don't have tickets and still go to the game. they are try to cut that back as well. >> they have been trying to do that for all games. >> yeah. they had a problem with that. fans in the stadium and around the stadium. >> folks have fun and keep it cool. >> we'll be right back. ,, [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background]
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[woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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day of prayer. also trending... paul walker..thousands are expecd to attend a memorial for the here is a look at the stories trending. paul walker. thousand are expected to attend in southern california. the mega million is at 3
9:27 am
$44 million. you can follow us on twitter. cold weather is trending around here but it's nothing compared to other parts of the country. let's take a look at our weather forecast. these are the highs today. relatively speaking pretty darn low. upper 40s in some areas. 69 in san jose. it will continue to be chilly toward the end of the week. these are the skies that will fool you. >> the nation capital will be warmer. >> that's some december weather out side of the capital. >> i'm not going there. >> a rain deer making a public
9:28 am
appear answer. >> the rain deer decided to make a dash for the wide open door. the police say the call was one of the most unusual cases they have heeder. >> heeder -- heard. >> we get the call that a rain deer escaped. >> it jumped into a lake, swam across to a tunnel. they followed his tracks from there. he's back at the north pole. >> he just wanted to be with his friends back home. >> he's warming up and getting ready for the big run. >> thanks for joining us. >> remember that jacket and scarf. we'll be back here next weekend. >> bye bye
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